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KTGR Digital Library News


Our KTGR Digital Library team has been busy this year and we're pleased to share with you a few updares on their work.

  • 13,800 individual audio or video recordings have been digitized and are now preserved (almost all European teaching recordings and those of the North American dharma centers)
  • 1,200 audio and video recordings of teachings are available for listening or viewing on the KTGR Digital Library for registered users
  • 7 years of of VIDEOS of the summer programs at Karme Choling and RMDC, along with 7 other programs (NalandaWest and various Shambhala centers) with both public talks, advanced talks, and special topics, divided into 41 teachings series


Many thanks to everyone who contributed their time, donations, or efforts to this project in the past years! Special thanks to our core Digital Library team: Birgit Scott, Franklin Kiermyer, Hanna Severin, Yu-chin Chen, and Susan Neumeier. 

Here is a small extract for your enjoyment.

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