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Zabsang Shedrup


Zabsang Shedrub Teachers Committee consists of seven teachers; Eric, Gary, Jade, Kevin, Rachel, Steve, and Wendy.  In 2006, we were all assigned a position to lead and teach Zabsang Shedrub students by Khenpo Rinpoche.

All of us are students of Khenpo Rinpoche. Three took refuge in 1998, and four, in 1999.  The links between us are very strong.  Even before we became Rinpoche’s students, we had long been acquainted with each other.


Following Khenpo Rinpoche’s intention, the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche has arranged the current curriculum of Zabsang Shedrub, which encompasses four series of study & practice.


4  Study and Practice Series:

1.    Introduction to Buddhism Series
2.    Hinayana Series
3.    Mahayana Series
4.    Vajrayana Series

Status of Classes:

Casa Garuda


Practice the dharma at a beautiful hilltop meditation center and be in Italy too? What could be better! Casa Garuda is located half-way between Rome and Florence in the Tuscan hills.

Jim Scott


Jim Scott's life has, from its earliest years, been dedicated to the pursuit of the contemplative life, originally as a Christian monk at a Trappist monastery, then as a student of philosophy at St. John's College, and finally as a student and practitioner of the Kagyu lineage following Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche around the globe of this earth for some thirty years.

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Ultimate, View, Meditation, Conduct, and Fruition

The view is original wisdom which is empty,
Meditation clear light, free of fixation,
Conduct continual flow without attachment,
Fruition is nakedness stripped of every stain.

This view, the original wisdom that is empty,
Risks getting lost in just being talk and no more.
If certainty which is in touch with what’s meant does not follow,
The words will not manage to free you of clinging to self,
And that’s why definitive certainty means so much.

Prayer of Solemn Commitment

Lord Naropa’s lineage son of the freedom path
Please bless this beggar to stay in mountain retreats
With the demon of worldly distraction not distracting
May meditative concentration grow
Without getting caught in attachment to shamatha’s pool
May vipashyana’s flowers burst into open bloom
With elaboration’s stress and strain not stirring
May the foliage of simplicity spread its leaves
With no germ of double mind in my retreat
May the fruit – experience and realization – mature
With the demon family powerless to obstruct


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