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Ani Dolma Sangmo

Ani Dolma Sangmo comes from the Gorka village in Nepal, a five-day bus journey from Kathmandu. Her father is a farmers and her mother died when she was four years old. She has an adopted sister and a brother. Her brother, a monk lives at Godavari monastery in Nepal. In the end of 2011 her bother came home for a visit. When he left he told her to come with him and they would make a trip together. She didn’t really understand what was going on. He brought her to the gate at Tek Chok Ling, opened it and said to her that now she would live here at Tek Chok Ling. She was shocked and very sad for some time. Now she has started to adjust to living at the nunnery and wants to become a good nun. She says she does not even know how to hold a pencil, but she wants to learn. She enjoys the classes and wants to learn how to use the computers. She also wants to go to Yolmo and do her ngodro. On holidays she likes to watch movies.