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Ani Jamyang Sangmo

Ani Jamyang Sangmo is from remote Dolpo in Nepal, where her family are farmers. She has six sisters and two brothers. When her mother died, Jamyang Sangmo became a nun after coming to Kathmandu with her uncle. Khenpo Rinpoche told her to go to Yolmo, where she was the youngest nun there and did such jobs as shooing birds away from seeds in the garden, gathering wood and cooking. She did her ngondro at age thirteen and has completed two retreats at Yolmo, one of six months and one of a full year’s duration. At Tek Chok Ling she likes “everything” including helping Rinpoche’s cook and rotating through all the jobs (a unique feature of Rinpoche’s approach, so that nuns will acquire multiple skills). She is very happy to be able to hear teachings and study philosophy, and in particular likes studying the Jewel Ornament of Liberation. As to her future, Ani Jamyang Sangmo states: “If there are no obstacles, I will continue to be a nun.”