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Ani Karma Chodon

Ani Karma Chodon is Tsumpa, from the border area. She grew up with her family in a village called Tsum. She has three brothers and two sisters. One of her brothers is a monk in India. She wanted to become a nun and her mother, father and brother all helped her to become a nun. Her brother brought her to Tek Chok Ling to become a nun. When she was at home in her village she worked gathering firewood, carrying water and looking after the family’s yaks. In the winter in her village there was often snow. She learned some Tibetan when she was living in her village. She is very happy to be at Tek Chok Ling. She is excited about the chance to study and she particularly likes Tibetan and English. She likes the food at the nunnery and she says the anis are very kind to her and she likes everything happening in the nunnery. She says she will study well and in the future she hopes to work for the nunnery and for Rinpoche.