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Ani Karma Chozom

Ani Karma Chozom is from Dolpo. Her father passed away before she was born and she grew up with her mother, four brothers and a sister. She has two brothers who are monks in Nepal. Her mother lives with her other two brothers in Dolpo. Her sister is married with children. Ani Karma Chozom saw the life of the nun and thought that she would be happy being a nun. Her mother and brother brought her to Kathmandu to become a nun. She says she likes being at Tek Chok Ling; she likes the food and the fruits, and the opportunity to study Dharma, Tibetan, English and Nepali. She went to school for two years in her village before she came to Kathmandu to become a nun. She says she is also happy to work with friends in the nunnery. She says she want to be good nun and work for nunnery.