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Ani Kheychok Palmo

Ani Kheychok Palmo came to the nunnery in 1993. She completed the eigth grade in Bhutan’s public school before coming to the nunnery. She has five sisters at the nunnery, Ani Yeshi Choden, Ani Drubgyu Palmo, Ani Tshewang Choden, Ani Chophal Palmo, and Ani Tsultrim Palmo. At first she was the Chant Master and secretary. In 2011 she joined the shedra. She is very enthusiastic about her studies. She commented saying, “The more I study the more I learn and the more I learn the more I become interested in Buddhism.” She enjoys composing melodies. In the future she hope to transcribe Khenpo Rinpoche’s teachings.