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Ani Ngawang Tsultrim

Ani Ngawang Tsultrim is from Tibet. When she was nine years old her parents sent her to Nepal to become in nun. She traveled with some of her relatives. She has four brothers and two sisters. Her parents and siblings all live in Tibet. Her first nunnery was Bagang Nunnery which is located on the Nepal Tibet border. There she was taught Tibetan. She has visited her family once since she left Tibet. Her nunnery was destroyed by the earthquake and many of the nuns have left the nunnery. She was fortunate enough to have an uncle who knew about Tek Chok Ling and he brought her to TCL. She is very happy to be at TCL which is very different from her previous nunnery. For one example, the nuns take turns cooking for the entire nunnery at TCL, as compared to her old nunnery where each nun had to cook for themselves. Also she is able to study many subjects. Her best subjects are Tibetan and English. In the future, if the situation is good she would like to visit her family. After that she hopes to do retreat.