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Ani Pema Khandro

Ani Pema Khandro was born on May 5, 1998 in Wangdue Choling Bhutan, in a village called Samdrup Jongkhar. In Bhutan it was a little bit tough, she says. She lived with her grandma and grandpa who were very old and went to school until Grade 6, in 2010. However, after a while, they couldn’t afford to pay the school fees any longer, so her grandmother asked her to become a nun and she did. She moved to Boudhanath and at first stayed with her cousins. While she was there she heard that her grandmother died so she went back to Bhutan for the ceremony before returning to become a nun. Her brother is a monk at Shechen Monastery and he helped her to find Tek Chok Ling. She says, “Everything is beautiful here and the education is good.” She likes reading in all languages and is able to read in Tsongkhar, the main language of Bhutan and English. Now she is learning to read in Nepali and Tibetan. On her day off each week she likes to circumambulate the stupa in Bhoudhanath