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Ani Tsering Dolma

Ani Tsering Dolma is from Nubri, Nepal, which is a one day bus ride and three day walk from Kathmandu. She has an older sister and a younger sister and she has two brothers who are monks. She really wanted to go to school, all of the neighborhood children were going to school but her parents would not let her go to school. She told them that she wanted to become a nun so that she could go to school and learn things. She is a beginner in all her classes and she really wants to learn to speak and read Tibetan so that she can read the pujas. Ani Tsering Dolma’s mother and Ani Dolma Sangmo’s mother are sisters. She is looking forward to going to Yolmo. She likes to circumambulate the Bodhnath Stupa and to go to Godavari monastery to see her uncle.