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Ani Chophal Palmo

Ani Chophal Palmo came to the nunnery in 1996. She studied in the Bhutanese public school through Grade 10 and speaks Dzongkha, Tibetan, Hindi and English. While she was in school she moved to the nunnery and became a teacher for the younger nuns who had never had the opportunity to go to school. She joined the nunnery after she completed secondary school in 1998. She then completed a two-year retreat. In 2009 she moved to Dharamsala and has studied for five years at Dolma Ling by 2012. She has five sisters at the nunnery; Ani Yeshi Choden, Ani Khyechok Palmo, Ani Drubgyu Palmo, Ani Tshewang Choden and Ani Tsultrim Palmo.