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Ani Rangdrol Lhamo

My name is Rangdrol Lhamo. I was born on 1st August 2005 in Phurpe village, Tsum valley of Gorkha district. Gorkha district is the fourth largest among 77 districts of Nepal. I have 4 siblings, two little brothers and two little sisters. One of my younger sisters, Sherab Lhamo, is with me in the nunnery. As I am the oldest child, I have to help my parent in some works such as collecting firewood, rear cows and goats. Due to lack of schools and other facilities in my village, I spent most of my days with the cows and goats. Fortunately, about a year and half later when I was 6 my uncle came to village for vacation, and he talked with parents about three of us (my younger brother and sister). So, a month later he took us to India to study and I was 7 when I left my village. Along with my two siblings, I got admitted in TCV Gopalpur school (Tibetan Children’s village) in India in 2012. I studied till grade 5. In 2019 the virus (Corona) was spread worldwide, and I went back to my village because it was more safe than the city. After the lockdown I decided to be a nun and my uncle (Tenzin Thrinley) helped me to be admitted at Tek Chok Ling Nunnery with my younger sister. I joined the nunnery at the end of March 2022. Now I am in grade 4.I found Tek Chok Ling nunnery as very unique and special one. Here I could learn secular education with dharmic education too. I love everything about the nunnery. I feel very lucky and blessed to be a nun of Khenchen Tsulrim Gyamtso Rinpoche’s nunnery.