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Ani Zopa Lhamo

Ani Zopa Lhamo is from Dolpa, Nepal. Her father passed away over five years ago. She has one brother and two sisters, one of which is a nun. She went to school in the village. And after school collected firewood and worked in the kitchen with her mother. When one of the Tek Chok Ling nuns returned to Dolpa after the earthquake to see her family, Ani Zopa Dolpa met her and decided that she too wanted to be a nun. She and her cousin, Ani Karma Samten Dolma, with help from their relatives, traveled to Tek Chok Ling to become nuns. She says she is very happy at the nunnery and she doesn’t need to visit her old village. She likes going to school at Tek Chok Ling and her best subjects are Tibetan and English. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She likes all the nuns, the food, and everything at the nunnery.