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Jane Pathan Friedewald, Marpa Lobdra Germany e.V.


When Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche for the first time arrived in Europe 1977, Jane Pathan Friedewald was studying by coincidence Tibetan scripture and grammar at the University of Hamburg. She joined Khen Rinpoche‘s first Tibetan language classes given in Copenhagen as well as all his classes given along the road throughout Europe in the entourage of His Holiness Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, the 16th Karmapa. The following decades, Jane acquired knowledge by means of studying the major buddhist scriptures and through experience with meditation.

From the very outset of her spiritual journey, Jane wished to understand the mystery within her own mind and heart. Seeking for a qualified teacher, Jane was convinced of the integrity of Khen Rinpoche‘s Dharma knowledge from the very first moment she came into his presence. Initially, Khen Rinpoche refused her repeated request for permission to mainly meditate, skillfully strengthening in this way her heartfelt wish. The day Khen Rinpoche agreed, she didn't receive any meditation instructions whatsoever, thus placing her mind into the open space of raw experience. Gradually, Khen Rinpoche started to teach meditation to a small group of practitioners and attracted her interest also in textual studies. Over the years, Khen Rinpoche encouraged her to work with the text on Gradual Stages of Meditation on Emptiness. She has introduced this text in various languages to students interested in this area and has engaged with oral and written translations of this subject. Khen Rinpoche has granted permission for her to discuss and teach the subject within the sangha and to guide meditations wherever Khen Rinpoche taught himself. 

1983, with the blessing of Khen Rinpoche, she settled in the remote Swedish countryside, working as an educator for mentally retarded, at the  same time offering living space for retreat. She recognized that while living a normal life and doing something for others was exactly that which she was searching for since the very outset of her spiritual journey: discovering the unfolding mystery within her mind and heart.

Due to a change of circumstances, she moved to the city of Berlin in 1997 and married an Indian contemplative. Creativity has unfolded while sharing the Dharma and supporting the sangha to build up the Bodhicharya Center. While working, teaching and translating, she underwent upaya training in karuna and maitri space awareness which bestowed encouragement and stability in order to work with others.

The continuity in upholding an earnest interest in the study of scriptural Dharma is difficult to maintain in a Center which includes many other facets. For this reason, she launched Marpa Lobdra Germany in 2013 in Berlin with Khen Rinpoche‘s sanction. Marpa Lobdra Germany is a charity association dedicated mainly to multilingual Dharma studies, Tibetan language, translations, meditation, retreat, pilgrimages, environmental protection and charity work. In order to incorporate Khen Rinpoche‘s complete curriculum of philosophy, logic and meditation, Marpa Lobdra aims to attract and invite senior students of Khen Rinpoche to share their knowledge and experience in Berlin as well in other places of Marpa Lobdra in Germany.