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Zabsang Shedrup

Penang, Malaysia

Penang Zabsang Shedrup was founded under the direction of Khenpo Rinpoche in year 2004. Khenpo Rinpoche gave the group its name and appointed Michelle to teach the group.

Michelle first “met” Khenpo Rinpoche through reading Rinpoche’s book “The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness”. Awestruck by the profundity of the book, she thought the book was written by a great saint who lived hundreds of years ago as described in the Chinese Mahayana tradition. She found an opportunity to attend Rinpoche’s teaching in 1999 and took refuge the following year. Through Rinpoche’s advice, she joined Taiwan Zabsang Shedrup.

Michelle was born in the East in Malaysia, and has lived for many years in the West in the United States. She knows both the English and Chinese languages. She is a software engineer by profession.

Penang Zabsang Shedrup provides a place, community and support for studying and practising the teachings of Khenpo Rinpoche. PZS has schedules for group practices weekly. The study and practice materials are exact or related books and articles from Khenpo Rinpoche’s recommendations and teachings. We also study material from masters of the lineage. We have been keeping communication with Rinpoche and receiving phone teachings from Rinpoche. We have also been visiting Rinpoche in Nepal. Though we prefer in-person group practice, through using technology and the internet we are able to have group practice with remote participations.








Penang Zabsang Shedrup went to Yolmo Gangra, with
Khenpo Rinpoche’s students from Canada and Taiwan.