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His Holiness Karmapa's advice to KTGR students

In connection with offering His Holiness the booklet compiled as a tribute to Rinpoche's enlightened activity, we asked what part we can play in ensuring the continuation of that activity.

In reply, HH said first of all, that, even though Rinpoche has not been to Europe for many years now, his teaching is not confined to his being physically present. He emphasized that the most important factor is the connection with the teacher and that, due to this connection, we can continue to meet the teacher inwardly, in our heart, even when there is no opportunity to meet him outwardly.

To illustrate that, His Holiness went on to say that there are stories of students who had never met their teacher in person, but who felt the connection immediately upon just hearing his name or reading about him.

He also encouraged us to continue serving Rinpoche through our practice and in whatever ways we can.

At the end of the interview we were so lucky to get, he expressed the wish to return to Europe again as soon as possible and said, somewhat jokingly, that then we could "hang out on the weekends".

The interview ended with our offering khataks. And we did that "the Khenpo Rinpoche way", while singing All These Forms and Friends, which HH was visibly pleased to hear. And, naturally, the singing ended precisely the second he was leaving the room!

~ Jim & Birgit Scott