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The KTGR Audio Digitization Project

The KTGR Digital Audio Library Project has been collecting recordings of the teachings of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and converting the analog recordings into digital hi-resolution and MP3 files. This project has as its main goal, the preservation of Rinpoche’s precious words. Along with that, the project is working hard to set up a library for all to have the opportunity to hear Khenpo Rinpoche's marvelous songs, commentaries and instructions.  Some of the tapes collected thus far date back to the 1970's and are from programs Rinpoche offered in Bodhgaya, Europe, the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.

Franklin Kiermyer is managing the project. Birgit Scott and Claudine Mona (Denmark), Hanna Severin (Germany), Katerina Hohlaki (Greece), Corinne Batsch (France) and Susan Neumeier (USA) are digitizing and collecting meta-data for the collection. Claudine is also helping to maintain collection flow.

Franklin has developed a workflow and protocols to insure a cohesive project and has set up digitizing stations at each of the 5 digitizers’ homes.  Each station includes a high quality cassette deck; a digital interface; digitization software; cables; and 2 hard disks (one for the workstation and one to send back and forth to Franklin).  He has trained the digitizers and they are all well underway to creating Rinpoche’s digital audio library. Everyone stays in close contact to maintain quality control and facilitate troubleshooting. Thus far, more than 350 collections have been submitted. This comprises almost 3500 individual tapes. It’s estimated that the library will eventually be comprised of more than 8000 source recordings.

Franklin and Claudine have created spreadsheets for collecting meta-data on the recordings. These files have been sent to many of the students who may have recordings. Digitizers and reviewers use them extensively.  An online database, developed by David Margolis and Franklin, will be taking the place of these spreadsheets. It is in alpha testing right now. This solution offers a much simpler, more streamlined and robust data management solution.

More and more individuals and centers are being contacted to solicit submissions. If you know anyone that might be holding original recordings of Rinpoche’s precious teachings, please help them get in touch with Claudine Mona at to discuss possibly inclusion.

Franklin has also investigated the safest methods for handling fragile older tapes, which need to be treated with great care. If you are concerned for your collection, please contact him directly to discuss precautionary measures, etc. He can be reached at

Franklin is also interested in hearing from individuals with an advanced understanding of Tibetan, preferably Kham dialect, and are familiar with Rinpoche’s teachings and teaching style.

This is a sponsored program of Marpa Foundation.  Please join us in the building of Rinpoche's digital library!