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New Release: Willow Pearson

Willow Pearson was born in Toronto, Canada and raised on the east coast of the United States. Her abiding love of song and the therapeutic arts led her to undertake her Masters degree in music therapy and transpersonal counseling psychology at Naropa University. In tandem with her psychotherapy work, Willow has always pursued her songwriting and performing as a personal expression of dharma. While living in Boulder, Willow released two albums of her original music. It is her meaningful connection to dharma through song that led her to Khenpo Rinpoche.

Her study and practice of Rinpoche’s songs of realization and teachings at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, at Nalandabodhi Seattle, and now at Wisdom Sun, is an ongoing source of sheer delight. Now residing in Berkeley, California, Willow is composing and performing with Eric Ramstad, a student at Sukhasiddhi, as The Watermoons. They just released their first album, Red Boat. Ever weaving song, dharma and the therapeutic arts, Willow is currently pursuing doctoral study in clinical psychology at The Wright Institute, where she is practicing Integral Relational psychotherapy.

Most recently, Willow released The Heart of Definitive Meaning in February, 2013, a collection of dohas by Rinpoche, Milarepa, Sukhasiddhi, and Machik Lapdron, translated by Jim Scott, Ari Goldfield, Michele Martin and Rose Taylor Goldfield. All proceeds will benefit Marpa Foundation together with the song translators.

To hear The Heart of Definitive Meaning, visit
To hear Sky Dragon’s Profound Roar: visit







To hear Red Boat, visit
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To hear selections from The Heart of Definitive Meaning:

1. Prayer That These True Words Be Swiftly Fulfilled
2. Sky Dragon's Profound Roar
3. The Three Nails
4. Song To A Pigeon Goddess Girl
5. Song of Machig
6. Song of Mahamudra
7. Don't Meditate
8. Departing Aspiration Prayer 
9. Guru Yoga and Look Nakedly At Forms Like Rainbows