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Ani Karma Samten Dolma

My name is Karma Samten Dolma. Many people called me Samten too. I was born in Chharka village of Dolpa district of Nepal in 2006 and I am the second child in a family of five. My mom is a housewife, and I have a younger sister, a younger brother, and an elder sister. I became a nun in 2016 and joined Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School in the same year. My hobbies include reading storybooks, cooking various menus, and wanting to learn different languages. I aspire to be a social worker. My favorite subjects are Tibetan, health, math, and English, although Nepali is a bit challenging. I appreciate my nunnery for providing Buddhist education and fostering a helpful community. Currently in standard seven, I enjoy both school and gompa. With many friends in both places, I spend my free time listening to music, watching movies, enjoying comedy, and drawing.