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Ani Karma Samten Dolma

Ani Karma Samten Dolma is from Dolpa, Nepal. Her father passed away many years ago and left her mother with three daughters and one son to raise. Being the family provider, life has been very difficult for her mother. Still she managed to send her daughter to school. After school, Ani Karma Samten Dolma helped her mother with the field work and the house work. She told her mother that she wanted to become a nun and her mother worked hard to make that happen. In Nepal, cousins are often considered as sisters. When Ani Zopa Lhamo, her cousin also declared that she wanted to become a nun, all the relatives worked together to get the girls to Tek Chok Ling. Ani Karma Samten Dolma is very happy at the nunnery. She has new friends and is happy to be learning new things. She likes studying at the nunnery and her best subjects are Tibetan and science. She wants to learn everything that the elder nuns know how to do at the nunnery so that she can do them later. She hopes her mother can come to Kathmandu to visit her sometime, but if not, she will go to visit her mother in the village in the future.