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Ani Karma Tsultrim

Ani Karma Tsultrim is from Dolpo district, in the Karnali zone of Northwestern Nepal. She was born and raised up in a middle-class family. She said that due to the lack of schools and transportation facility in her village, it was very tough to join school and get proper education. So most of the time, she used to spend her days by rearing cows, yaks and goats with her grandmother. She has six members in her family. She was so curious and happy when she saw monks and nuns in her village, so she decided that she wanted to be a nun and then her parents easily agreed and helped her to become a nun in Tek Chok Ling Nunnery. Right now, she is happy at the nunnery. She said that she likes to learn all the subjects and wants to go school with other school nuns. She says that she wants to study hard and be a good nun.