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Ani Kunga Sangmo

My name is Kunga Sangmo and I was born in 2014. I have a big family and I love all my family members. I have my parent, aunt, little brothers, elder brother and elder sister in my family. I love all my siblings, and I miss them so much. My little brother’s name is Nare. Nare and we used to play together every day and he also love to play with me. I read till grade 2 in my village but there were not all the subjects in our school. So, I came to Kathmandu with my mom and my mom told me to become a nun. And I also love that so, I became a nun in June, and I have changed a lot in these 6 months. I found many dharma friends in nunnery, who were around my age. At first, I don’t know how to speak, read, or write Tibetan, but now I can read and write very well. I love to speak Tibetan with the nuns, especially with the senior nuns and I hope I could speak like them in future. My close friends in nunnery are Sonam Tsomo and Tsering Lhamo because we are of same age. Sonam is in grade 2 she goes to school (Shree Mangal Dvip school) and she help me in reading Tibetan words and morning prayers. Sometimes I also teach her some Nepali words because I am good in Nepali subject. But my favorite subject is Mathematics because it is very fun to count the numbers and I love to do addition and subtraction. I have some hobbies too, they are watching cartoons, reading books with my classmates, playing games, coloring the pictures and I love to eat too. My favorite cartoon is “Luca” it is about two little fishes. It was showed to us by our English teacher. I love to eat oranges and it is my all-time favorite fruit. In our nunnery we always have a “T-momo” (Tibetan dumpling) in our breakfast and I love to eat it. I love to eat vegetables too, but potato is the best. My first name “Kunga” means “loved by everyone” in Tibetan and I love my name so much because everyone in my nunnery loves me so much. I found my name very unique. In future I will become a great person and will help other beings. I love my Rinpoche, the nunnery and the nuns so much.