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Ani Lodro Sangmo

My name is Lodro Sangmo and I was born in 2018. I am from Dolakha which lies in eastern part of Nepal. There are seven members in my family. I have two little sisters, one is 2 years old and another is 8 months. I love to play with them. In May 2022 my uncle and grandmother brought me to Kathmandu (capital city). I stay with grandmother and grandfather and later they send me to become a nun. Now I study in kinder garden. I have many friends in the nunnery and I have three best friends, they are Tsundue Palmo, Karma Tsultrim and Tsering Lhamo. Tsundue is one year older than me and we love to draw and coloring different pictures of animals and fruits. I love to play with dolls with Karma and Tsering and they make laugh every day. Everyone in my nunnery love and take care of me as I am the smallest one. My grand mother, grand father and aunt come to meet me in holidays and I go to their home too. I love to eat orange, banana and apple, they are very delicious and testy. My favorite color is green because I love to draw trees and plants. I love all my friends and love my nunnery so much.