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Ani Ngawang Palmo

Ani Ngawang Palmo is from Kham Nangchen (Tibet). She became a nun at 15 years old while she was still in Tibet. She says she decided to be a nun because when she met other nuns she became happy. Her parents supported her decision. While in Kham she did her ngodro and other practices. Rinpoche then told her to come to Nepal. In 1997 she left Tibet with one of her brothers and about 30 other people. When she reached Nepal she was very happy to see Rinpoche and he sent her to Yolmo. She worked and studied for about a year and a half and then she was sent into her three-year retreat. She says that due to the blessings of Rinpoche her retreat went well. When she came out of retreat her family came to Nepal. Her father has passed away but her mother is still living. She has seven brothers and one sister. Six of her brothers, three of them monks, and her mother live in Nepal and one brother and one sister still live in Kham. In 2004 Ani Ngawang Palmo went back to Yolmo for a one-year retreat. She has also been discipline master and Nyerpa, each for one year. She often is the leader for the chants, called the Omze. Since 2005 she has been going to the Kagyu Monlom to make tormas. She says she likes every activity at the nunnery and that she will be happy if Rinpoche lives a long time. She always prays for that. In the future she would like to help the nunnery and all the activities of Rinpoche.