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Ani Samten Dolma

Ani Samten Dolma is from Dingri, Tibet. Her parents are farmers and she has two brothers and one sister in Tibet. She has a half brother who lives in Nepal and he organized her escape from Tibet. She went by bus from her village to the border. At the border she crossed a river as she says “like a monkey” hanging from a rope that hung across the river for people to use who wanted to escape. When she got to the other side, to Nepal, her half brother picked her up and took her to live with her half family in Nepal. Soon she went to Dharamsala to see the Dalai Lama, who told her to study. She came to Tek Chok Ling and took vows with Rinpoche. She has some contact with her family in Tibet through short phone calls. She likes to go to classes and she likes puja. She likes to do homework on holidays and to circumambulate the Bodhanath Stupa. Ani Tsawang Dolma, who lives at Tek Chok Ling is her half sister.