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Ani Samten Sertso

My name is Samten Sertso Sherpa. I was born in 1984 in Helambu / Yolmo (Nepal). There are 7 of us in our family. Three daughters and a son. One day when I was small, I was on my way to school when I saw some nuns, and I decided to be one. So, in 1997 I became a nun with a group of small girls from my village. We took refuge at Marpa Institute at Mangal, Nepal (Marpa Translator House). We were sent to Yolmo Gangi Rawa by Rinpoche, and we studied and practiced there for many years. We did everything by ourselves, we collected firewood for cooking, collected flowers for offering and grew our own organic vegetables. We studied Tibetan rituals, learned making Tormas and sang Milarepa songs. Rinpoche provided us with one good western lady English teacher. From her we learnt some Dohas, 37 practices of Bodhisattvas, stories of female disciples of Milarepa and some other aspiration prayers in English. My life started from there and I had learned so many things starting from swiping, washing, cooking and all. We lived a happy life in Yolmo. In 2001 Rinpoche wanted his nuns to do preliminary practice, so there were three groups doing the practice at the same time. Two groups were in Yolmo and one in Kathmandu. My group was in Kathmandu. Before our practice started Rinpoche gave us the teachings. So, all three groups completed their Ngondro (100,000 prostrations, mantras, mandala and guru yoga) in 6 months, which delighted our Guru. I have taken part in all monastic activities like making Torma at the nunnery and worked with Kagyu Monlam Torma making team, and worked for Dondrub Guest House which I am doing even today.