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Ani Sherab Palmo

Ani Sherap Palmo (Glorious Lady of Wisdom) is from Bhutan. Twenty-five years ago she was working in her village as a farmer when she heard Khenpo Rinpoche would be coming. She had wanted to be a nun so she snuck away without telling anyone to meet him and to become a nun, first doing a one-year retreat in Bhutan. Rinpoche then brought a group of nuns for a pilgrimage to Nepal and had five stay to get the nunnery started in Yolmo. She was one of the first nuns there, working and teaching. At Tek Chok Ling she is a torma-maker, an umdze (chant leader) and a teacher. She has done a three-year retreat and her ambition is to continue helping Tek Chok Ling.