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Ani Tharlam Sangmo

My name is Tharlam Sangmo and I am from Dolpo, Nepal. I have six sisters and two brothers. Ani Jangchup Sangmo is my sister, and we came to the nunnery together, brought by our cousin in 2013. I am very happy here and I like my new friends and everything here. Now I feel like I have my own house and family here. I wanted to go to school but since I was from a big family my parents could not afford to send me. I went to school only for a few months. I liked school much better than staying at home. Now I am very happy to be a nun and to be able to study and learn about everything. My parents sent me to be a nun because they felt I could have a better life as a nun. And I had the greatest life as my parents expected. Now I have finished my school and I learned a lot of things from school and friends, and I am so thankful to my Guru, Khenchen Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and all the sponsors who helped me to get a chance to have this beautiful life. Since I am graduated now, I want to focus more on drama rituals which I couldn’t do much in my school life. And also, I would love to continue with my study if possible. I went to my hometown after 10 years to visit my parents. I was so happy to meet my parents after such a long gap. I was so glad to meet them so far. I enjoyed the holiday with each and every family member a lot. And I had a great journey.