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Ani Thinley Sangmo

Ani Thinley Sangmo is from Bhutan, and likes living among other nuns. She is from a farming family, and unfortunately her father died. She spent a year as a nun in Bhutan and then Rinpoche sent her to Yolmo as one of the first five nuns to go there and establish a nuns’ community. In Yolmo under Rinpoche’s guidance, she accomplished four three-year retreats, a remarkable achievement. What she likes most about being at Tek Chok Ling is being one of Rinpoche’s main cooks, and serving him. She cooks his ting momos, porridge, vegetables, rice and meat, she explains. She prepares and serves afternoon tea for Rinpoche as well as evening soups. Her gentle smile and friendly presence help Rinpoche’s visitors to feel at ease, and she often hands out candy after interviews! Ani Thinley Sangmo assists Rinpoche in his walking, as well as washes his clothes and keeps his rooms clean. She would like to continue to cook and take care of Rinpoche, as well as do more retreats.