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Ani Tsering Youden

I am Tsering Youden from Nar Manang of Nepal. I was born on 2nd of July 2000.There were schools in my village, but the education system was not that good. That’s why most of the time I used to help my mother and looked after goats and sheep even though I was interested in studying. I didn’t have any idea about the nun’s life and meaning of dharma. I met my aunt and her nun friends in the village on their vacation, doing puja and wearing a red nun dress. That made me want to become a nun. So, I requested from my parents that I want to become a nun and they also proudly agreed. My grandparents especially became happier with my decision. In 2008 I came to Kathmandu with my grandmother and father for the first time. I was so excited to visit the nunnery and meet with nuns. My aunt requested Ani Jampa and I became a nun when I was eight years old. It was a little bit challenging for me because at that time I could only understand my native language, but I was very happy with my decision. I learned basic knowledge of dharma and rituals in the nunnery. In 2012, fortunately because of Rinpoche’s and sponsor’s support, me and 9 other small nuns got a chance to study in Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding school which is for Himalayan children. I graduated my tenth grade in 2020. From SMD school, I learned both Buddhist and modern education. Right after my graduation I taught seven subjects to small nuns for three years, which include Tibetan, Nepali and English subjects. It really helped to build my confidence and I have found that I am interested in teaching. On October 2023 I went to Yolmo for a retreat to practice Sadhana Preliminary for six months. I felt really blessed and lucky to get a chance to practice Preliminary at such a holy place of Milarepa. It became possible because of Rinpoche’s blessing. Nowadays I am teaching to senior nuns. I am very fortunate to have a guru like Khenchen Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and all dharma friends. I will study more if I get the chance and follow the path that Rinpoche has taught us.