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Ani Tsewang Dolma

Ani Tsewang Dolma is from a large farming family in Dingri, Tibet. Her father died and Ani Tsewang Dolma could not continue working the farm due to a medical condition. She decided to become a nun, and came to Nepal with that intention. A relative knew Khenpo Rinpoche and she was able to join the nunnery. She likes being at Tek Chok Ling very much and enjoys studying and working. She doesn’t know the pujas very well yet, she says, but is studying hard to learn more and then do a retreat. She had tried previously to escape to Nepal but was caught by the Chinese and sent home at age twenty-five. Two years later, she tried a second time, even though being caught again would have meant prison. She was able to see His Holiness in India, before settling in Nepal.