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Ani Tsultrim Lhamo

I am Tsultrim Lhamo from Nuwakot district which lies in the hilly region of Nepal. I was born on 7th December 2003 in Kathmandu. Since then, my family has been living in Kathmandu city, but those days were very hard for our family. I received some education from a public school nearby where we used to live. Since my father grew up in a Buddhist society, he has connections with many khenpos and lamas. So one of his friends has a connection with Thek Chok Ling nunnery so my parents decided to admit me to the nunnery. I was also happy with their decision. Luckily in 2014 I joined Thek Chok Ling nunnery. At first it was really hard for me to adjust in a new environment. Also, I used to miss my family a lot. Since all the nuns are very friendly, caring, loving, kind, that makes me feel like they are my actual family. So slowly I learned to adjust in a new environment with new faces. Talking about Thek Chok Ling nunnery, it was established by Khenchen Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (our lord guru). Rinpoche has provided good facilities for all the nuns, also I’m very grateful to Rinpoche for lighting our future. Fortunately, I got admitted to SMD in 2014 and graduated in 2023. SMD school has provided us with the best facilities and opportunities. I learned so many things from SMD. It was a great journey and being part of SMD was also a blessing for me. Recently I’m joining regular puja. I’m giving different sorts of service in the nunnery, and I will do that in future too. I’m glad to share my knowledge with nuns. I’m very grateful to Rinpoche-la and sponsors from all over the world.