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Ani Tsultrim Sangmo

I am Tsultrim Sangmo from Yolmo, a village located in the hilly region of Nepal. I was born on October 12th, 2009. In 2019, I became a nun, and just last year in 2022, I joined Shree Mangal Dvip School (SMD) in grade 4. I am currently studying in class five. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for the golden opportunity to receive an education in a school, as my parents were unable to afford the school fees in my village. My parents work in the fields, and I have four elder sisters and one younger brother. Prior to joining SMD, I had studied for two years in my village, but unfortunately, it was not as effective as I had hoped and lacked many resources. As for my hobbies, I thoroughly enjoy drawing pictures of different animals and cartoons. Additionally, I love conversing with people and making new friends.