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Ani Urgyen Choden

My name is Urgyen Choden. I was born in 2015. I have a nuclear family. They are my parents, me and my older brother. My village is in the Himalayan region of Nepal called Dolpa. It is very cold in the winter season. Me and my friends used to go to school on foot and play with snow. My parents are farmers, they grow various crops. I did attend classes in the village, but they lack so many facilities. So, my mom brought me to Kathmandu for study and I joined the nunnery in November 2022. There are nine nuns from my village in my nunnery. Now I can learn English, Nepali, Tibetan, Math, and other subjects in my nunnery, and I am very excited to learn English. I can write Tibetan and English alphabet very good. I am loving it here in nunnery because I got many dharma friends, and the environment is beautiful. I will study hard and help others in the future.