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Ani Urgyen Dolma

My name is Urgyen Dolma. I was born on 11th October 2017 in the village of YolmoNepal. Including myself there are 5 members in my family. They are my grandparent, mother and my big brother. My mother’s name is Maya Sherpa. She works in the fields and looks after my grandparents. My elder brother is in grade five. My father died when I was so little. Maybe I was 13 months that time. We have one dog, Tommy, and three kittens in my home. I love to play with the kittens and sometime my kittens sleep with me. But I am afraid of my Tommy because he is very big. I had many friends in my village school, among them my close friends are Mingler and Lhakpa. I joined the nunnery on 4th December this year (2022) and I am the newest nun in my nunnery right now. I found many friends here and everyone loves me. Tsundue is the same age as me and she is from Dolpa. I love to draw with my friends and I like to draw the pictures of persons and color them. I love all subjects, but I love mathematics period. I am also learning to read Tibetan and I hope I could read well very soon. I have my cousin sister (Ani Karma Yangzom) and aunt (Ani Tsultrim Dolma) with me at the nunnery and they take care of me very well. In future, I want to become a good person and help others.