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Ani Urgyen Tsomo

My name is Urgyen Tsomo. I was born in 2017. I am from Gorkha district of Nepal. I have a small family. Including myself there are total four members in my family. They are my mom, dad, one older brother who is two years older than me. My parents are farmers and they work very hard. We have some cattle too. My brother is studying at Shree Mangal Dvip School. I didn’t get a chance to study in my village. But now thanks to Rinpoche I can read both English and Tibetan, and Nepali too. I can spell all the alphabet letters and can count numbers till 30. When I first joined the nunnery, I told my father that I don’t want to be a nun, and I cried a lot. But after a few days I found more friends and all the senior nuns were so nice to me, and now I love to be here. I play hide and seek and marbles with my friends. I also love to grow small plants. Me and my friends have planted some in my nunnery’s backyard. I love the nunnery food so much, it is so healthy and delicious. I love all my friends and nuns.