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Ani Youdon Lhamo

My name is Youdon Lhamo and I was born in Braggang village (Yolmo) which lies in Sindupalchok district of Nepal. Yolmo is very peaceful and beautiful place. I was born in 2014. I have one little sister. Her name is Lhakpa. We use to play together and she is like my best friend. My parent work in the fields. I became a nun in August 2022 and I love living in nunnery. Pema Dolma was my birth name and I got a new name, Youdon Lhamo, from Rinpoche when I became a nun. I was very happy for my new name and I love it when nuns call me by my new name. I don’t go to school when I was in my village and I don’t know how to read or write. I spend my day by playing with friends and helping my mother. But now I can read say some alphabet and write them down. Sometimes my friends help me to spell the words and they are very helpful. I love to draw random picture of people and houses because it is very fun. I like to eat with my friends during mealtime and sing rhymes in classroom. We have a dog in our nunnery and his name is Gyagsha. I love to play with Gyagsha. I love my friends and senior nuns.