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Ani Tsultrim Dolma

Ani Tsultrim Dolma is from Yolmo, Nepal. Her parents stayed together their entire lives, but unfortunately her father died in 2005. Her mother continues to live in Yolmo and farms potatoes, corn, wheat and beans. Both her bothers still live in Yolmo. When she was young some nuns came to Yolmo and she saw them and wanted to be like them. Her education is from the school that Khenpo Rinpoche started at his nunnery in Yolmo in 1997. There she studied and learned to sing the Milarepa songs and the songs about female practitioners in English. She likes doing pujas, making tormas, and she likes being the shrine room keeper, this job rotates every week to a different nun. She knows how to play all the shrine hall musical instruments. On days off she likes to circumambulate the Bodhanath Stupa, to watch TV, write, and read. She is not going to study English any more; she feels it is too difficult and that her time is better spent studying Nepali, reading Dharma books and doing her meditation practices.