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Appearance and Sound, Like Reflection and Echo

I bow down here right at the feet of Marpa the Translator

It's clear the things that people say are just rumbling echoes
So, I don't let them get in the way of conduct of yogic pursuits
I've tossed away all those pretenses of trying to look good
So, reputation, you can go— Ho, Ho —wherever you please

I've come to know that food and wealth are all illusory
I've tossed away all trying to lay my hands on things like these
Whatever it be that I haven't got — I am not yearning for that
So, plentiful fortune, you can go — Ho, Ho — wherever you please

And knowing that retinue and servants are magical emanations
All these scholars and students, arriving from everywhere around
Trying to flatter and trying to court them, something I do not do
So, ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to go — Ho, Ho — where you please

Seen from within the natural state which is equality
Attachment and aversion are just causes of suffering
I've cut the rope and I've tossed these tortured states of mind away
So, family and acquaintances, you can go — Ho, Ho — where you please

Seen from within the dharmata, that's free of fabrication
It's fabricating all of your clinging that makes your own suffering
Perceived, perceiver — those iron chains — I've let them drop away
So, craving state of mind, just go —Ho, Ho — wherever you please

And here, within the luminous light, the nature of mind itself
The stains of thought, yes, these are not here anywhere to be seen
I've tossed examination and analysis away
So, terms that try to formulate mind, just go — Ho, Ho — where you please

Sung by Milarepa to Likor Charuwa, when he asked why Milarepa did not conform to prevailing social norms.

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott July 12, 2002, Dechen Choling, France. Tibetan page 676. Translation copyright, 2012 Jim Scott