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Illuminating the Profound Meaning: Genuine Reality Is Free of Contradiction

Glorious Dharmakirti spoke this way:
“Mind’s true nature is luminous clarity
The stains that cover it are temporary”
Let us now examine his speech carefully.

The Buddha’s intention in the Middle Turning
Is conveyed by Svatantrika and Prasangika:
The true nature of mind, beyond concept,
Is explained to be free from stain.

The ultimate meaning of the Third Turning
Shentong Madhyamika explains:
The actuality of the unborn mind
Transcends mere emptiness alone
It transcends the freedom from elaborations
It is luminous clarity, the great primordial freedom.

Luminous clarity has always been empty
Emptiness has always been luminous clarity
So between the intentions of Middle and Final there is no contradiction
Between the intentions of Rangtong and Shentong there is no contradiction.

Connecting this with Mahamudra:
Emptiness of essence, the freedom from fabrication,
And luminous clarity, free from stains—
These two are clarity-emptiness, Mahamudra.

The king of yogis, Lord Milarepa said:
“Even confused thoughts themselves are clear light that shines so brilliantly,
Experiences so bright like sun and moonlight,
Without any direction, clarity shines timelessly,
You cannot find it, so you cannot say what it is.
So many kinds of certainty shine like the stars in the sky.”
His speech proves that it all comes down to the same.

Therefore the Middle and Final Turnings
Rangtong, Shentong, Mahamudra and the rest—
If they appear to conflict, then examine well
May prajna realizing their harmony increase.

And it is the same with the stages of presentation of the two truths
If you keep them connected as they get more subtle
Realizing genuine reality, the ultimate, will be easy
And flawless intelligence will become sublime.

Translated by Ari Goldfield, January 18, 1998. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.