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Internalizing Fearlessness and Realization that has Become Confidence

Demons, you told me I was headed for the hereafter…

Well, I knew I was going to die, and it frightened me
So I trained in naturalness, mind that never dies
Samsara’s free all by itself, that’s the basic point
And this essential way of being, the lama pointed out to me
Inner awareness has no supporting base—it is naked
Movement clear and bright is confident view
Clear light is empty, of this I’m sure
So birth and death don’t scare me—I am not afraid

I heard all about the eight unfree states, and they frightened me
So I meditated a lot on impermanence and samsara’s faults
“Please protect me, rare and supreme ones,” deep down, I pray
And I am very careful around karmic cause and result
I cleanse my mindstream with the method of bodhichitta
And the flow of obscurations and habitual tendencies is cut
Whatever may appear, I know it is illusory
So now the three lower realms simply do not frighten me

I knew this life is fleeting, and it frightened me
So I practiced to bring nadi and prana into alignment
And trained in the mixing of the three essentials
So when the six consciousnesses stop perceiving appearances
I will recognize the dharmakaya, no doubt about it
And lead consciousness out of my body through Brahma’s aperture
Unborn mind will be ejected into dharmadhatu
So let me die right now, I am not afraid

So I say to you, malicious demons, harmful spirits
Always looking around for someone’s life to take
This illusory heap of forms, my body
Is completely impermanent, constantly decaying
To me it is worthless and I am planning on throwing it away
So demons, if you like it, won’t you please take it
It is my gift to all sentient beings
I dedicate it especially to my parents, who have been so kind

May my offering and giving of my body, made of flesh and blood
Make you happy—please enjoy! May you be satisfied
From beginningless time in samsara’s wheel
Whatever debts I’ve owed you, may this settle them completely
May you no longer feel any reason to seek vengeance

Mind and its movements are nonexistent, they are empty
Demon, you won’t see my mind, for even I do not!
Even if the eighteen hells rise as my enemy
If I am afraid, it’s only my own fault

I, Milarepa, am the yogi of emptiness-space
And since I know the true nature of confusion
I am not afraid of you, you are no problem at all
All appearances, you see, are the magic play of the mind

E ma! The phenomena of the three realms of samsara
While not existing they appear, how incredibly amazing!      

From the Tibetan text at page 458
Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated by Ari Goldfield, September 13, 2001, Drikung Kagyu Ratna Shri Retreat, Toussacq, France. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.