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Rechungma's Song of the Sixteen Important Things

I prostrate to the lamas, the mighty lords
I know it is important not to break the flow of faith
That I have in my one father, the lama so great  (1)

And now that I’ve gone for refuge to the rare and supreme three
I won’t look anywhere else for protection, for there is no other deity  (2)

When the lama gives me the teachings of the whispered lineage
I won’t patch on my own interpretation, I’ll follow the teaching just as it is  (3)

When I’m practicing the yoga of the mighty yidam deity
I’ll practice the yoga of four sessions, I won’t break this continuity  (4)

All appearances have the nature of a magic illusion
I will not make an imprint in my mind with the habit of thinking things are real  (5)

Native mind has the nature of clarity so bright
I will not let the pollution of thoughts spoil this luminous light  (6)

All things have an abiding nature, and this is what is to be known
I will not hide this under the concept of perceived and perceiver split  (7)

The essence of the mind is the pristine native state
I will not make this into habitual tendencies’ storage space  (8)

The mind is dharmakaya, its nature is emptiness
I will not cover this up with the stains of perceiving characteristics  (9)

When sickness strikes the body, that heap of four elements
I will not put the blame on others, I won’t fault my friends for this  (10)

And when those friends of virtue, spirits and ghouls strike me
I will not run for a divination—I will not think mistakenly  (11)

My dreams are the confused projections of habitual tendencies  
I will not grab onto them with the clinging that they are what they seem to be  (12)

All my enemies angry at me are teaching me patience
I will not let myself start thinking about hurting them for what they’ve done  (13)

All the lama’s deeds are perfect, they’re the acts of a realized being
I will not color or deprecate them with my own analysis  (14)

Enlightenment is shining, it’s present naturally
I will never look outside for some other result than this  (15)

When worthy students follow, what’s important then?
That great compassion’s river never ever end  (16)            (2x)

Lord and mighty lama, genuine and kind,
Your ignorant student supplicates you with everything she’s got
Please hold me in your compassion, like the strongest iron ring
Please hold me in your love—these the final words I sing          (2x)

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated by Ari Goldfield, World Trade Center Observation Deck, New York City, August 7, 2001. Revised August 26, 2002.Tibetan pages 428-9. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.