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The Sampannakrama Song

Whenever I'm meditating on tsa lung tigle
The principal channels are three and their chakras are four
My craving consumed, this body seems to vanish
Elixir refined into letter unceasingly shines

Seeing reality's face, there's no mistake here
The prana is drawn to the center and hits the spot
The white and the red elixirs meet face to face
Bliss, luminosity, non-thought experience just is

The knot of discursive doubt is undone head-on
Dharma not lip service mixes and flows with mindstream
Mother and child clear light blend into one
Skandhas defiled by craving enjoyments are gone

Appearance and emptiness blend into one, what bliss!
Emptiness no longer intellect's realm, what relief!
Confusion consumed in space, what a wonderful sight!

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott, Karme Choling, Summer, 1994; revised, 1995, Tibetan page 534. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott