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Song of the Genuine Dharma that Dissolves Suffering

This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering—
Since you asked me, now listen, and I'll tell you how:

When the demons and ghouls need to be disciplined,
It makes yogic conduct and trülkhor be strong.

When your body is sick and you're feeling the pain,
Expanse and awareness it blends into one.

And when subtle concepts arise in your mind,
It smoothes the disturbing emotions—how fine!

When you lie down in a hidden place all alone,
It settles you into naked awareness.

And when you're in the middle of a big crowd,
Whatever arises, look at its essence.

When you're feeling drowsy, wake up with a PHAT!
When you're reminiscing, then cut through the root.
When you're restless, then settle into the expanse.
When thoughts follow objects, look at mind's essence.

This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering,
This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering!

It turns the worst portents into the best luck,
So thoughts, when you come you can do as you please.

Sickness makes realization increase—
Elements in my body, just do as you please.

When death comes to meet me, I make it my path,
And so, Lord of Death, you can do as you please.

This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering:
It's what the Victorious Ones had in mind.
It is Vajradhara's great secret teaching.
It's the pith advice of the four dakinis.
It is the main point of the whispered teachings.
It is the key to all skillful methods.

This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering,
This genuine Dharma dissolves suffering!

Sung by Dampa Sangye to Milarepa during their meeting at Tong-la. Tibetan page 757. Translated under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche by Ari Goldfield, Tenerife, Spain, May 24, 2003. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.