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Song of the Meeting between Milarepa and the Hunter Chirawa Gönpo Dorje

Mighty lord siddhas, I supplicate you,
Grant your blessing that all five poisons dissolve.

You've got a man's body, but an ogre's face,
Ogre-faced man, listen to Mila's song.

A precious human body is so rare, it's taught,
But when I see one like you, there's nothing rare at all.
With the form of an ogre, you do so much wrong,
You scoff at the suffering of the lower realms.
You may fulfill your desires in this life alone,
But negative deeds won't bring you what you want.

Give up inner attachment and you'll gain siddhi,
Taming outer appearances will never work.
Now is the time to tame your own mind,
Killing this deer will not satiate you.
Try to tame outer enemies and they only increase,
Tame your inner mindstream and be free of foes.
Instead of wasting your life doing negative things,
Practice genuine Dharma—how great that would be.
I'll teach Lord Naropa's six dharmas to you,
I'll teach you the practice of Mahamudra!

Tibetan page 434. Under the guidance of Dechen Rangdrol, translated by Ari Goldfield, Tekchen Kyetsal, Tenerife, Spain, May 27, 2003. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.