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A Summary of Maitreya's Text, Distinguishing Phenomena and Pure Being

The dualistic appearance of our enemies we think is truly real
This is what creates the suffering of our anger
And the pain of the anger's consequences
But the pain of our angry actions' consequences
Is greater than the pain of the anger ever was

The dualistic appearance of our friends we think is truly real
From this comes the suffering of change and your heart gets broken
Our friends make us suffer more than enemies ever could

And so if you know the practice so profound
Of being free of attachment but full of love
Both friends and enemies turn into Dharma resources
Adverse conditions become your Dharma friends

Phenomena are samsara, confused projections
Pure being is nirvana past all grief
These two are not one and the same nor do they differ
The one's like ice, the other's like its water

If you see through phenomena, samsara's confused projections
Pure being manifests for you
This is transformation, pure appearances shine
Like reflections on the melted ice's water

Composed by Dechen Rangdrol, DCL July 2004
Translated and arranged by Jim Scott. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott