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Ten Important Points

Even though you demonstrated passing into nirvana,
From the pure realm of sambhogakaya where you abide,
You benefit all beings in the three realms of samsara,
My father, Marpa the Translator, at your feet I bow.

Dewakyong and Repa Shiwa Ö, Ngen-dzong Tönpa and you others,
My sons and daughters I have brought up with such love and care,
Who have the karmic fortune to here gather as my students,
Listen now about the ten points so important to practice.

When meditating on the deity whose body’s like a rainbow,
It is union, emptiness by nature—that’s so important.10

Harmful spirits, ghosts, and demons are the magical display of mind—
To know they are unreal illusions is important.

The lama’s the supreme guide and his kindness is amazing—
To behold him always with devotion is so important.

Samsara’s work is never done, it’s labor without end,
To be brave and cut attachment to it—that’s so important.

With the chakra of the bliss and heat11 in nadi-prana practice,
To exert yourself without distraction is so important.

When the yogas of illusion and dream are practiced together,
To constantly remind yourself12 is very important.

Mind’s essential luminosity is brilliant, clear, and naked—
Training in this in a way that’s beyond words is important.

These various appearances are emptiness by nature—
Instructions cutting through their base and root are important.

To all sentient beings who don’t realize their own true nature
Throw the lifeline of love and compassion—that’s so important.

Have great confidence that your own mind is unborn dharmakaya
And be free of all hope and fear—now that’s important, too!

My sons and daughters, all of these ten points are quite important—
Take them into your experience—my students, practice well!

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated by Ari Goldfield, April 18, 2003, Tekchen Kyetsal, Spain. Translation copyright 2012, Ari Goldfield.