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Three Things that Are All Right

To all father gurus I bow in supplication

In my own body, which is the mandala of the Victor,
The deity—the nature of all three times’ sugatas—resides
And through the blessing of not clinging to the senses’ pleasure-flow
I’m making offerings all through the day and all throughout the night
And so not having a thing to offer on the outside, that’s all right!

And in the palace that builds itself up—the three realms
There are six kinds of beings and all with buddha nature are endowed
Since I’ve received the revelation of this wisdom so immense
Wherever I stay’s a boundless palace, whoever I’m with’s a deity
Whatever I do is dharmadhatu, its enactment
And so not having a deity picture on the outside, that’s all right!

And to the paper of white and red outer appearance
I apply the ink of wisdom, the primordial and immense
And with the five sensory faculties I write the letters
Whatever appears is dharmakaya I have come to comprehend
And so not having any texts with script in black, now that’s all right!

All beings that circle in samsara’s three realms
Have buddha nature but, though they have it, they do not realize they do
If you apply these instructions so profound
You will not part from the three kayas, this is samadhi excellent
Whenever death sees fit to come, it’s fine by me!

Under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, translated and arranged by Jim Scott, Holy Island, June 2004. Tibetan page 667. Translation copyright 2012, Jim Scott